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 Story Guide ~ Jessie

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Story Guide ~ Jessie Empty
PostSubject: Story Guide ~ Jessie   Story Guide ~ Jessie EmptyMarch 6th 2011, 12:59 am

Story Guide ~ Jessie Mainye

Preview (It doesn't have an official name)
JessieLoveable18 is just a normal girl, that is until she got sucked into the computer! (This is not an official beginning. This could be thought of as a dream)

How it all began
The story of, well, How it all began... How did Jessie become an agent? How did she meet Chief? Who the heck is Thea Nifty Bear? It's all here!

JessieLoveable Meets Indiana Buddy
On one hand, you have Jessie, a young, in-experienced agent, and on the other, Indiana, a slightly older, well experienced adventurer. Here's what happens when Jessie Loveable meets Indiana Buddy.

A Colourless World
When Build-A-Bearville turns into monochrome mayhem after a mysterious incident with a tiara, Jessie and the new recruit, Chelsea, investigate.

Jessie and the Ice Rescue
Jessie finally gets the opportunity to host the Ice Ball, the annual dance which welcomes in the winter. She spends ages getting everything prepared, when on the big night... Disaster strikes!!!

A Christmas Special - A JL18 Story
It's Christmas in BABV, and Chief has a treat for the gang! The BABV SS are going to the North Pole. But when a special gift goes missing, Jessie must work with Indy to get it back, and save Christmas for one of her best friends.

Une Catastrophe à Paris
When Chief decides he's had enough, the BABV SS closes down, leaving Jessie and the gang jobless. Two months later, whilst filming a documentary in Paris, France. Jessie is kidnapped by a seemingly charming frenchman. But with the BABV SS out of action, who will save her?

Saving Leon
After Leon had changed his ways and joined the BABV SS family, he goes missing. When, Chief, Jessie and Beth go to find him, the whole gang turn up! After an attempt to save Leon, and Jessie, who had also been kidnapped, the gang finally succeed. But Chief's world turns upside down, when his entire theory about his father is proven wrong. So he sets out to find him, with Jessie in tow.

BABV SS: Florida
After the previous adventures, the BABV SS team decide to visit the newly opened branch in Florida. However, during a diving trip, when Chief and Jessie come across some pirates, Jessie is kidnapped and the gang must save her... again! However, when things finally seem to be settling down, Chief finds out something else about his family, and he and Jessie go to London, to find out more.

Something to Prove
Evan is the capable leader of the BABV SS Florida branch, but he feels like nobody trusts him. When an old enemy, Thea Nifty Bear, sends robots to the branch, he feels like it's his time to shine. But what he didn't realise is he didn't need to prove his worth.

Reindeer Rescue
It's that time of year again! Christmas! But when Chief and Jessie get a call from Santa saying half of the reindeer have gone missing, the team only have a few hours to find them, or Christmas will be ruined for everyone!

After a series of hauntings from past events, Chief is kidnapped by the man who scarred him, Harold Harver. Now that the tables have turned, Jessie ventures out alone, to beat the man who wanted revenge.


Story Guide ~ Jessie Lunapic1298552027997928
Here is the name of my best friend... Guest... yes that's YOU! Don't know me? I gave you a 0th Birthday Present... Cost me $0!! Hey! You have that many posts! How Coincidental! 14 March 2008 19:54 the exact time i joined BABV!
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Story Guide ~ Jessie
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