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 Rules Of The Forum

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PostSubject: Rules Of The Forum   Rules Of The Forum EmptyNovember 8th 2009, 10:58 pm

Follow these rules and we will get along fine
GOLDEN RULE: Under no circumstances are you to Cyber bully ANYONE! If we find out that you are you will be banned immediately!

  1. No PMing others your forum link! If you have been sent a forum link, please report it to an officer.
  2. No Posting forum Links on the board!
  3. Please keep all things light and happy. If you need to talk to someone about issues going on in your life Please PM
  4. No bad language (swearing)
  5. Disresepecting ANY Staff will result in some sort of punishment. Depending on how often you've done it, and what you said
  6. Please keep your opinions on other forums and their members in privacy (don’t post about them in the topics, if you must tell someone, do it within PM)
  7. Avatars and Signatures MUST be suitable! Any unsuitable graphics will be removed by a Moderator
    *Unsuitable graphics consist of ANYTHING with Blood, Gore, Nudity, or Sexual Content
  8. No video games over E10+ NO exceptions! Games higher than E10 are not for the target audience the forum wants to reach, and will be deleted.
  9. No Blood, Guts, Gore, or any Sexual Content WHATSOEVER!
  10. CAPITAL LETTERS mean you are shouting. If you want to add emphasis on one word, please put in brackets after the word (Not yelling) or (Not Shouting) E.g. "I went to a concert, it was the BEST!! (Not shouting)"
  11. Do not share private information, if you don't mind other members contacting you then change the Email options in your profile
  12. Likewise, do not post photographs of people, celebrities are excluded from this.
  13. Stay on topic when posting on that topic.
  14. Have Fun!

Consequences for breaking rules!

Breaking 1 rule 2 days of banning
Breaking all of them repeatedly 15 days
Completely spamming the place... banned forever!

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S.I.C./Keyblade Master
S.I.C./Keyblade Master
Alpha Buddy

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PostSubject: Re: Rules Of The Forum   Rules Of The Forum EmptyApril 27th 2011, 6:10 am

Rule 8 re done.


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Rules Of The Forum
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