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 A colourless world (OLD JL18 story)

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A colourless world (OLD JL18 story) Empty
PostSubject: A colourless world (OLD JL18 story)   A colourless world (OLD JL18 story) EmptyJanuary 6th 2010, 11:37 pm

A colourless world

---Chapter 1---

JessieLoveable18 rushed into the libeary. "Hey Cheetah!" She called as she raced to get a seat in the reading area. She had just bought a bearville times paper and read the first page. She opened the paper to page three after retrieving a cookie from the plate on the table. She couldn't believe what she read! The evil scientist, DougScience, had escaped the detention center he was kept in and he was lose! She read for a few more minutes before looking at her watch. She finished her cookie, stood up, folded the paper and stuffed it in her bag. She walked over to the cheetah, looked around to see that she was alone. And took out a small black and white Badge and showed the cheetah. He tipped his hat and stood aside to allow Jessie's entrance. He then stood back infront of the long corridoor and guarded it carefully.

---Chapter 2---

"Hey Cade?" Jessie greeted. The blue haired scientist waved and motioned towards an office. "He wants to talk to you"

"Oh! OK. See you later Cade!"

Jessie made her way into the small office of her new friend, the Chief.

The blonde haired crystal blue eyed young man sat behind the desk. He wore a black uniform, a black hat and black shades. However he had his shades in his hand as he studied something on his new high tech computer. Jessie thought she would have a little fun and she tiptoed around carefully. She reached over and snatched his hat off his head and tucked it under her arm. Then quick as a flash she covered his eyes with her hands. "Wha!!!" He said confused "JESSIE!"

Jessie snapped her fingers. "How did you know it was me?"

"Jessie" He said "Its always you"

"Um you wanted to talk?"

"I did? Oh yeah! I did. Erm... Thats it! Jessie..." he turned to face her "we have decided to take in a new recruit."

Jessie thought about this.



The chief sighed in relief. He picked up his phone and said "Send in the new recruit"

A blonde haired girl wandered into the office. Jessie looked at her with a look only a skilled agent would understand. "Hello." Jessie greeted

"Hi! I'm Chelsea!"

Jessie smiled 'perfect' she thought "Hi Chelsea I'm..."

"...JessieLoveable18!" Chelsea jumped in "You are so cool!"

"Er.. thanks... I think"

"You two go grab a coffee or something at the coffee shop, get to know each other. Here, Jessie. My treat" The chief handed Jessie a few bearbills and winked at her. "Thanks Chief" Jessie returned quietly and winked back.

"Let's go!"

---Chapter 3---

Jessie and Chelsea walked to the coffee shop. They sat down at a small table and Jessie ordered a cupcake and a latte. Chelsea ordered a smoothie and some popcorn. "So" Jessie took a sip of her latte "Tell me about your self"

"Well..." Before Chelsea could get her words out a bunch of skatboarders came in.

One of the skateboarders stepped forward and ordered some water. Jessie looked at Chelsea and Chelsea looked at Jessie. Jessie raised an eyebrow and smiled. Then she got up and wandered over to one of the skateboarders. Jessie put on her most innocent girly smile and said in a sugary sweet voice. "Excuse me."

The skateboarder turned to look at the silly girl who had come up to talk to him. "What?" he grunted "I noticed you were carrying the board and i always wanted to have a go on one"

"Oh. Hey guys im gonna go back to the park with... what's you name?"

"Oh er Jessie."

"She wants to skate!" he chuckled and the others laughed too. Jessie smiled to herself "You coming Chelsea?"

Chelsea was thinking to herself 'what on earth is she planning?' but she decided to tag along to see. "OK!" she said and she finished her smoothie. Jessie picked up her back pack and said "Let me just go wash my hands! I'll meet you there." Jessie ran into the restroom and changed into a suitable outfit for skatboarding. Then she pulled a loose jumper over her top and washed her hands. She then picked up her backpack and hurried to meet Chelsea at the skatepark.

At the skatepark the boys were warming up ready to show off infront of the girls. Chelsea grabbed at the opportunity to ask Jessie what she was doing. Jessie replied with "You'll see"

The skater, who Jessie had spoken to, skateboarded over and placed his board at Jessie's feet. Jessie pretended to wobble on the board and then gained her balance. The boys snickered and Jessie concentraited. Then while they were talking amongst themselves Jessie pulled off her jumper and kicked with her leg. She was off. She skated into the half pipe and skateboarded like a pro. up and down doing onehanded handstands at the top of the half pipe. She turned and winked at Chelsea, who was stood there amazed. affraid . The skateboarders were in shock. "Whoa!" they chorused "That is way cool!" Jessie skidded to a halt and picked up the board. She then walked over to the amazed crowd of boys and handed the board over. "Thank you boys for providing me some entertainment I was glad to have provided you some too." Then she turned on her heel and went to talk to Chelsea. "Wha.. How??? You..." Chelsea was lost for words

"Before i was an agent i used to skateboard to work. I won an award for the best female skateboarder in a competition" Jessie looked down to the ground. "But my mom didn't want me to do skateboarding after my cousin had a terrible accident on a board. She told me never to board again but now she has moved away i can skateboard again. She moved last week to Rainbowville"

"That was so cool!" Chelsea yelled Those boys were like this." she pulled a funny face. "It was so funny!"

Jessie laughed and smiled "Let's go back to HQ. Tell me about yourself on the way back"


Chelsea wandered her way to her room. She went to have a shower so she placed her tiara in the case she kept it in. When she returned it had disappeared. She ran and told Jessie who, as usual, was annoying the chief. "My tiara..." she said "Its gone!"

Chelsea cried as The chief told some of the scientists to search the room. "Chelsea its ok it cant have gone far" Jessie comforted

"It was a special present from my grandmother" Chelsea sobbed

A few hours later, Chelsea returned to her room to find the tiara in its case. There was a note by the case. She picked it up it read:

"Oh whatever!" she said and placed the tiara on her head. Instantly she fainted and the world grew cold. Jessie and the chief were talking to Jessie's old friend Indiana Buddy when Jessie noticed the sudden chill.

Jessie ran to find out where Chelsea was. She ran to Chelsea's room "CHELSEA!" Jessie screamed. The room was beginning to turn grey and only chelsea and Jessie kept their color. "What is happening?" Jessie sprinted to get the chief. "CHEIF!" Jessie shouted "It's Chelsea she is unconsious!" Jessie cried "And everything is losing its color!" The chief accompanied Jessie to Chelsea's room and saw what had happened. He called a scientist over and asked them to take her to hospital. "And don't touch the tiara with your bare hands!" He warned.

---Chapter 5---

and stood by the bed. Coco sat on the chair by the bed. The whole of build a bearville had lost its color and Chelsea was resting in the gloomy room. Chelsea's furry friend was stood at the door. Jessie patted his head reassuring him that it will be ok. Jessie's PDA started to ring. It was the chief. He was asking about Chelsea "She is resting sir" Jessie informed. The chief sighed in relief "OK. We recieved results. There was a liquid on the tiara which soaked into her skin and caused her to become unconcious. An unidentified liquid which we have yet to find the source of. Jessie" the chief paused "I... I think that this means you are gonna have to go on another mission, the most dangerous yet. But i'm not sure you are ready. I don't want to lose an agent like you. Not again." Then he hung up. Jessie put away her PDA and punched the air. "YES!!!!" Jessie loved missions even the hard ones. She loved a challenge. She stroked Chelsea's hair and patted her furry friend's head. "Tell her i came" she instructed the little cuddly cow. With that she looked at Chelsea once more and left the room. Jessie hopped onto her hoverboard, which Cade had designed especially for her.

---Chapter 6---

Jessie rode to the Entrance. Her very first mission took place here. She sat down on a log as a few salty tears began to trickle down her warm cheek. She brushed them away as she had never liked to cry. Her mind went back to when her and the chief's old friend, Fleur, had battled against an old bully of the Chief. She smiled to herself as she remembered Fleurs warm smile and the way she would squeeze Jessie in a friendly hug. She was a great friend and Jessie could do with her to comfort her right at that moment. She sighed and pulled out her phone and went to a picture she had taken of Fleur.

"Fancy seeing you here!" a voice called. Jessie jumped and looked up to see who it was. "FLEUR!" Jessie leapt up and gave her friend a huge hug. "I have't seen you since the party!" She said amazed. Fleur smiled and sat down on the log. "So what you up to now a days?" She quizzed "Well Chief hired a new agent and she has this gigantic tiara. It went missing and got returned in a few hours. Then when she put it on she collapsed and it was poisoned. I have to wait til she is better then we are gonna track down the baddie." Jessie explained. "Cheif said its gonna be the hardest mission yet!" Fleur nodded slowly "I see" Jessie and Fleur recalled the time they battled against TheaNiftyBear. Jessie remembered something that chief had said. "Fleur?" Jessie asked slowly
Um The chief said something about being worried about losing an agent like me. He said 'I cant bear to lose an agent like you. Not again' What did he mean by that?" Fleur bit her bottom lip "Its... its not for me to say. Let's just say he lost his best agent in a mission just like this one." Fleur held back tears. "Anyway isn't it time you reported back to HQ"

Jessie hopped on to her hover board and zoomed to the HQ. The Chief was rushing around in a hurry. Jessie ran up to him and grabbed his shoulders. "Sir!" she said firmly "What's wrong?" The chief sighed and took a deep breath then he motioned for Jessie to follow him. Jessie dashed after him. Once in the office, Jessie looked into the worked up man's blue eyes. "It's about the tiara..." he started "It was Doug" Jessie sat down on a bean bag and started to cry. "Oh no, no no no no no!" Jessie moaned "Oh Chief, What do we do?" a single tear trickled down her face. Sid bent down to her and wiped away the tear. "It will be ok" he comforted "Now if you please..." He stood up and began to walk out of the office "follow me!"

---Chapter 7---

The newest installment in the BABV SS HQ, the automatic push of a button doors, whoosed open to the busy lab. Cade was stood in a corner checking a list on a clipboard. She waved at Jessie and smiled. She had been to the Bee Stylin? Salon earlier that day and had her long blue hair tied back in an Alice Upside down way. A pair of scientists who seemed a little familiar wandered in from the other enterance. "WHAT!" Jessie yelled "But???" The scientists were ArchieCool and BabyPink, the bullies from Jessie's school. "Oh great!" Baby moaned "Look wh the cat dragged in" The Chief took Jessie over to the bullies and introduced her. "Scientists... This is JessieLoveable18, my best agent!" BabyPink and ArchieCool's mouths dropped "WHAT?!?"
"I believe your developing gadgets for me?" Jessie asked with a smile "Oh No!" the twins groaned and were taken away to work.

Jessie walked over to a scientist who was working on a watch. "Ah Jessie!" He said "This is my latest invention, Its magnetic, it tells the time and allows short range communication. It also has a small explosive in this pocket so you can use it to break open locks."

"Interesting" Jessie complemented and walked over to another scientist who was working on a propellar hat. "Jessie! Look its a hat which you use to fly very high with"

"Cool!" Jessie exclaimed

She wandered over to the chief who was talking to someone through a telephone on the wall. "Jessie i need you to go see chelsea!" He ordered. "And take her motor scooter."

---Chapter 8---

Jessie zoomed to the hospital and parked the skooters outside. She hurried up the steps and entered the enterance. "Hello i was told to come and meet Chelsea? Erm i have her scooter." Jessie told the receptionist, who raised (part open) her/his head and smiled. "Of course." he/she replied "Follow my furry friend he/she will show the way."

The little (animal) ran off along the corridor and Jessie raced after him/her trying not to run but also trying to keep up. The (animal) wandered into a room and let Jessie in. Jessie stepped cautiously inside and saw a blonde haired girl sat on a bed dressed in casual clothes and smiling. "Chelsea!" Jessie cried "you are ok!" she rushed over and hugged her friend. "Yup!" Chelsea said "Ready to solve this crime?" Jessie nodded her head eagerly come on your scooter is outside, i will explain the information we have on the way to HQ.

Jessie and Chelsea scooted over to the libeary and walked past the cheetah. "So we think that it was Doug the evil scientist who stole your crown to put something on it which when you put it on would take the colour from babv and store it somewhere, also it knocked you out as a side effect." Jessie explained
"Right! So erm what do we do now?" Chelsea looked at Jessie "You do know, dont you?"

Jessie remained silent but only for a while "Well the Chief will give us a briefing on his plan, that should be what we are going to do"

"The chief, he is that guy who has the dark shades and wears a white tie, and he always says 'now if you please... follow me!'"

"Yeah." Jessie said with one eyebrow raised "Whatever you say"

---Chapter 10---

"Ah my two most trusted agents!" The Chief welcomed them warmly "ready for your brief?"

"Yep" Jessie and Chelsea said together

"Right ok so you know that DougScience is to blame for this?" Chief questioned

"Yeah that crazy scientist is a genius!" Jessie exclaimed and pun her finger around her ear in a "Crazy" fashion. "Anyhow whats the plan?" Jessie sat on the desk and stared at the chief, who recognised the look and turned away. "The plan is that we are gonna send you two out to get that pest. Jessie, Chelsea you need gadgets"

"Yay" the girls chorused "What sort of presents have you got for us this time sir?" Jessie Said patting his shoulder.

"Well..." The chief started, as he slipped his hand under the desk. "How about these?" He slid a briefcase obnto the desk and popped it open. "WOW! Jessie! They are sooo.... COOL!" Chelsea screamed! "I knew that old chiefy boy would have some neat stuff. Hey Chief are these for keeps?"
The blonde haired man nodded and lifted a gadget out of the case and chucked it to Jessie, then he took out an identical one and chucked it to Chelsea. "These are com watches. Use them to comunicate over short disances." He said. "And these are stuffing guns they fire harmless balls of stuffing which can be sprinkled with sleeping dust to capture baddies." He handed the girls two belts to keep the gadgets in and they slipped them on. "And these are......"

---Chapter 11---
Jessie pulled on a gold rib neck sweater over her uniform and pulled on some white jeans to match. she then tied her hair back in a pony tail and placed a yellow bow in her hair. She pulled on some shoes and dressed Stripes in a cute outfit then she swung her bag onto her back and squashed her propella hat on top of her head. "Let's go see if Chelsea is ready" Jessie whispered to her faithful zebra. Jessie placed her hands on the floor and pushed of in a sprint. Stripes pulled the leaver which would activate the spinner and lift them up, and they took off.

Jessie used the handle to steer her way to Chelsea's condo and knocked on the bedroom window. 'Ready?' Jessie mouthed and Chelsea nodded. "Lets go!"

The two girls whoosed through the colourless BuildABearville and zoomed to the cave which lead to Doug's lair. Jessie whispered that they should be quiet and pretend to be lost tourists. "Speak as foreignly as you can" Jessie whispered "OK" Chelsea replied "Cham goo bloo saa mee joo ga!" They mumbled in a confused way trying to keep the giggles quiet. "Oi!" a guard shouted "What you girls doin in ere dis is private property!"

"Er... Boo boo cadoo moosh doo?" Chelsea muttered

"Huh?" the guard tipped his head in a confused way. "Boo boo cadoo moosh doo gor?" Chelsea said again

"Er.. you don't seem so harmful er how can i help?" the guard stuttered Jessie cleared her throat and said in a very strong british accent "Excuse me but me and my friend from the island of... erm Kuji are lost in this fantastic cave. Where does it lead?" Jessie twirled her hair "Please?" she begged sweetly

"Er ok" the guard led them down the tunnel right into the lair "Thank you very much!" Jessie said calmly "May we explore?"
"Sure boss shouldn't be back til later" The guard mumbled

As soon as the guard had left Chelsea whispered to Jessie "Great entrance but the guy we want isn't here!"

"I know but we can look around safely and think of something to solve this once and for all" Jessie said quietly

The girls split up and looked around. Then Jessie had an idea. She took out a notepad and sketched the idea down and planned it carefully then she went to find Chelsea.

"Chelsea?" Jessie called

"Yeah?" a voice echoed through the lair

"Come over here!"

A moment later, the two girls were planning their capture when they heard footsteps down the corridoors. The girls' hearts skipped a beat. "HIDE!" Jessie hissed. They dashed behind a machine and waited silently...

"HA HA HA!" cackled a scary voice "Soon all of Build-A-Bearville will be lost in a colourless void!"

Chelsea gulped. "Jessie... I'm scared!" she whispered. Jessie took her hand and said "It'll be ok just do what i say"

The evil scientist crept off to nap in his office. Jessie and chelsea tiptoes after him. "We are gonna need a watchdog sort of animal." Jessie said. She looked at chelsea who blinked back. Jessie sighed and slipped her backpack off of her back and pulled out stripes. "Now look here boy," she said as she held back tears. "Keep an eye on the baddie ok?" Stripes nodded his little stripey, furry head and blinked. "If he wakes up come straight to me got it?" Stripes nodded again and reached out to Jessie for a hug. "Oh stripes," Jessie cried "Be careful" she patted his head and hid whilst he peeked into the office ready to run.

Jessie set up her plan quietly and then sent chelsea to deal with the guard, as Jessie supervised from a hidden spot. Chelsea tapped the guard on the back, smiled and tied him up, knocking him out in the process. "Poor guy!" Jessie said "He probably didn't know how bad Doug is. Well this is best for him." Jessie attached a booster to the ropes and sent him back to HQ.

There was a scatter of hooves a second later and a little black an white animal shot towards Jessie. Hot on Stripes' heels was DougScience. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" The girls screamed. "RUN!" Jessie added

---Chapter 13---

The girls ran as fast as they could... Jessie ran up some stairs while Chelsea ran forward, Doug didn't see Jessie go up so he followed Chelsea. Jessie looked around calmly and realised she was on a walkway which took her to anywhere in the lair. She sprinted as quietly as she could to a ledge. She grabbed some super rope (see first adventure) and lassooed it round a bar over hanging the lair. She stood on the railings, waited for Doug to appear and jumped, Chelsea looked up and dived under a big vat. Jessie crashed into doug and sat on him as Chelsea tied his hands. Jessie sighed and collapsed on the floor, muttering "Never again" Jessie looked at Chelsea. Chelsea looked at Jessie. The burst into laughter. "Ha ha ha ha ha ha that was soooo cool!" Chelsea screamed. "Ha ha it was soooo scary kid ha ha" After a few minutes Jessie said "we need to bring colour back to build a bearville."
"How though?" Chelsea quizzed "I have no idea" Jessie said. "Maybe Dr. Crazy can tell us..." she glared at Doug "All i wanted was to get revenge on ChloeRocks for saying my inventions won't work and i should stop before i put anyone into danger... I didn't mean to hurt people." Doug grunted

"Thats very well but how do we get colour back?" Chelsea asked

"That tiara of yours... Oww! Excuse me miss but could you not sit on my hands like that it really hurts and..." he hesitated "... your not the lightest of people" Jessie punched him playfully and sat on the floor. "So how do we get colour back?"

"As i was saying, the tiara's gems have an awesome power if you run electricity through them, a positive current to bring back colour and a negative current to take it, come on i'll show you..."

Doug struggled up and walked up to his lab, he asked for the tiara and Chelsea placed it in a circuit with two probes either side. Doug hit a few buttons and caused a current to flow.

---Chapter 14---

The chief looked out of the window sadly "I hope the girls are ok" he wondered aloud a little bird landed on the windowsill "what an unusual bird" Sid said "its blue and red and... colours?!?" colours spread around build a bearville as he gazed into the finally blue sky "They've done it!"

---Chapter 15---

"Lets go!" Jessie laughed as she led the scientist onto the motor scooter. The guard called "Wait!!!" Jessie and Chelsea spun around... "WHAT?" they yelled. "Don't leave me!" he cried "I wanna be good!"

Chelsea looked at Jessie, who nodded and winked. "Hop on" Chelsea giggled. The four cruised back to HQ where Fleur, Evan, Cade and finally, The Chief greeted them all. "Jessie i'm so glad you are ok!" the chief hugged her and chelsea. "What are these two doing here?" he said crossly "Um... Sir... Doug wants to change and so does... er... whats your name big fella?"

"Angus" The guard said shyly "I want to be a guard here" The Chief removed his shades, "Well... OK" everyone cheered "But on one condition" everyone went silent "... I'm kidding!"

And that was how i got colour back to bearville *ring ring*

oops gotta go... see you next time



A colourless world (OLD JL18 story) Lunapic1298552027997928
Here is the name of my best friend... Guest... yes that's YOU! Don't know me? I gave you a 0th Birthday Present... Cost me $0!! Hey! You have that many posts! How Coincidental! 14 March 2008 19:54 the exact time i joined BABV!
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A colourless world (OLD JL18 story) Empty
PostSubject: Re: A colourless world (OLD JL18 story)   A colourless world (OLD JL18 story) EmptyJanuary 9th 2010, 9:34 am

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A colourless world (OLD JL18 story) Empty
PostSubject: Re: A colourless world (OLD JL18 story)   A colourless world (OLD JL18 story) EmptyJanuary 10th 2010, 12:14 am

thanks remi!


A colourless world (OLD JL18 story) Lunapic1298552027997928
Here is the name of my best friend... Guest... yes that's YOU! Don't know me? I gave you a 0th Birthday Present... Cost me $0!! Hey! You have that many posts! How Coincidental! 14 March 2008 19:54 the exact time i joined BABV!
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A colourless world (OLD JL18 story) Empty
PostSubject: Re: A colourless world (OLD JL18 story)   A colourless world (OLD JL18 story) EmptyJanuary 10th 2010, 4:07 am

Awesome story Jessie! Very Happy


A colourless world (OLD JL18 story) Lucky
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A colourless world (OLD JL18 story) Empty
PostSubject: Re: A colourless world (OLD JL18 story)   A colourless world (OLD JL18 story) EmptyJanuary 10th 2010, 4:08 am

thanks carly


A colourless world (OLD JL18 story) Lunapic1298552027997928
Here is the name of my best friend... Guest... yes that's YOU! Don't know me? I gave you a 0th Birthday Present... Cost me $0!! Hey! You have that many posts! How Coincidental! 14 March 2008 19:54 the exact time i joined BABV!
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A colourless world (OLD JL18 story) Empty
PostSubject: Re: A colourless world (OLD JL18 story)   A colourless world (OLD JL18 story) Empty

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A colourless world (OLD JL18 story)
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