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 JessieLoveable18 Meets Indiana Buddy (NOTE) old story

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JessieLoveable18 Meets Indiana Buddy (NOTE) old story Empty
PostSubject: JessieLoveable18 Meets Indiana Buddy (NOTE) old story   JessieLoveable18 Meets Indiana Buddy (NOTE) old story EmptyJanuary 6th 2010, 11:34 pm

JessieLoveable18 Meets Indiana Buddy

The Hot, Hot Day

It was Jessie Loveable's Day Off. Day Off Work in BABW, Day Off School, but most of all it was Jessie's Day Off being a Secret Agent. Now Jessie was relaxing with Sparkle in the backyard in her swim suit. It was a roasting hot day and she thought she would go down to the beach. She went inside to her bedroom and packed a bag with towels, a swim suit, and her sunshades. She then walked her way down to the shore and found a free lounger. Her friend Daisha was there. She was on lifeguard duty. She waved to Jessie. Jessie waved back and then leaned back to relax in the hot sun.

Jessie's PDA ring tone, My Perfect Day, began to blast through Jessie's bag. "Who could that be?" She said half annoyed. It was her buddy, Zoë. "What could possibly be so urgent for you to call me today?" Jessie said

"Hey Jess wanna come round to my condo I think I have something in my attic you might want to see" Jessie packed up and hauled herself out of the lounger. She said bye to Daisha and went home to get changed. She ten made her way to Zoë’s house.


In another part of the world, Indiana Buddy had just finished an adventure. He went into his attic and started looking around for some old documents he intended to use. He came across a ripped piece of old paper and he studied it carefully. It was a treasure map! Or half of one. Where was the other bit.

Back in Zoë’s condo, Jessie and Zoë had gone to the attic. "Look!" Zoë said holding out a piece of old paper. "What do you think it is?" Jessie took it and studied it carefully. "Its a treasure map. Or half of one!" Jessie turned it over. "Can I take this home?"
"Yeah sure but why do you need it?"
"I want to... ask someone for advice on it" she whispered

Jessie walked over to the Library and whispered to the Cheetah. He then stood aside and allowed Jessie to enter the corridor he guarded. Jessie walked along the corridor and entered HQ. "Chief?" She called out "I need your help!"

A young blonde man stepped out of the shadows and welcomed the agent with a smile and a hand shake "What can I do for you?" He said warmly.
"Can you study this" Jessie held out the paper.
"I don't believe... It can't be... I think it is!"
"And in English?" Jessie joked
The Chief rolled his eyes at Jessie. She really teased him sometimes.
"I think this is half of the map to the treasure of the Pink Monkey."
"Yeah! Right!" Jessie said sarcastically
"No really! Chloe Rocks' Ancestor, Martin Rock-and-Roll hid a pink monkey diamond somewhere secret and made a map of its location. His two sons both wanted the map so the man ripped the map in two and gave one to one son and the other to his other son. Generations passed and the map changed families. Where did you find this?"
"In Zoë’s attic."
"Oh. Jessie your gonna have to find the other half of this map! Follow the instructions on the back and be careful"
"OK thanks Chief I owe you one!"
Chief chuckled to himself. "I know!"

The two halves meet

Now Jessie Loveable was a major fan of Indiana Buddy's Books and she loved the adventures. So she packed her bag, made sure Holly and Sparkle would be taken care of and made sure stripes had a clean set of clothes. Her and stripes walked to the train station. She didn't know who was behind her.

Indy walked to the BABV Train station and looked at his half of the map. "I wonder where I should begin."

Jessie walked backwards...
Indy walked backwards...

"Oh! I'm very sorry!" Jessie and Indy said at the same time
"You are..." Jessie said
"Indiana Buddy and you?"
"Very happy to meet you sir!"
"No I meant your name"
"Oh, I'm Jessie Loveable. I'm a big fan of your adventures"
"Thanks!" he smiled "What have you got there?"
"Oh this? Its half of a treasure map"
"Funny I have seen something like that somewhere, but where?"
"Now I remember! I have the other half!"
"Oh Wow does this mean I get to go on an adventure with Indiana Buddy!"
"Well, I guess so."
"AAAAAAA! I can't believe it!" then she hugged him randomly and hugged herself and Stripes who was watching the whole scene.

The Journey

Indy and Jessie boarded the train to the Jungle and Jessie found seats while Indy put their luggage on the rack above. As the train was about to start, a high pitched bark rattled through the station. "Oh no!" Jessie groaned "It's my Grandma's Chihuahua, Ralph!"
"And?" Indy said
"I was meant to look after him this weekend! He is soooooo noisy!"
Ralph raced up and down the station and yapped at passers by. "And embarrassing!" Jessie stood up and went to apologise to the two girls that Ralph was barking at. "Sorry" she mumbled "Come on you"

"Ralph will have to come with us I’ll keep him in my backpack with stripes"

"OK" Indy laughed

4 hours and a sick dog later...

"Finally! I thought that train journey would never end!!!" Jessie sighed

"Oh come on it wasn't that bad" Indy said

"Well for a girl who hasn't really travelled out of BABV for most of her life, it was that bad."

The two citizens climbed off the train and set down their light luggage.
"Where to now?" Jessie quizzed.

"I brought my compass!" Indy exclaimed randomly "That way!"

The two tired travellers hiked their way to a nearby lodge on the edge of the jungle. They got a room each and slept the night there. The next morning Jessie woke up to the distant sound of monkeys calling. Ralph had curled up in a little dog bed and Stripes was fast asleep in the top bunk. Jessie wrote a little note to Stripes saying...

She then got changed, pulled on her boots and crept out of the room.

Stripes woke up shortly after and changed into his favourite outfit, his Think Green Tee and His Straight Leg Pants. He wandered over to the desk where the paper was placed. He read the note and glanced over to the Chihuahua in the dog bed. He sighed and found a can. He gave Ralph breakfast ate an apple and went to brush his teeth.

Jessie walked her way through the edge of the jungle. Parrots flew overhead and monkeys swung from tree to tree. Leopards lurked in the bushes. Jessie looked at her watch and headed back to the lodge.

"Jessie!" Indy said relieved "Stripes told me you went out. We were gonna start breakfast without you!"
"You better not!" Jessie threatened playfully. "I'm starved! Where's the food?"

After breakfast, Indy and Jessie planned their trip. Ralph was to stay with the hotel steward and the furry friends were to come with them. They packed rope, nets, and a dagger for safety, supplies of food and water and a bag of sand for Indy's trick of removing the item we find from its place.

In to the jungle... *gulp!*

Indiana and Jessie trekked to the edge of the jungle. "Here we go!" Indy said confidently. Jessie gulped "Yeah. Here we go" She said nervously.

They took a last look at the lodge and started to go in. A monkey swung from tree to tree. A leopard rustled in the bushes. Jessie started to shake. "Indy?"

Indy was looking around at the jungle view "Yeah?"

"Um... Nothing." Jessie was so nervous. The two adventurers went deeper and deeper into the jungle. Jessie pulled out the cello taped map and studied it carefully. "That way... I think." She pointed to an opening in the bushes. "There should be a cave."

They jumped over logs and trekked through bushes. As they were about to enter the cave, a Panther Girl leapt out from the shadows! "I am Grace the fearless Panther Girl! I am going to eat you up!"

"INDY!!!" Jessie screamed "HELP!!" Indy pulled out his trusty whip and gave it a few lashes. "Ha ha!" he laughed triumphantly. "Fear me now kitty?"

Grace the Panther Girl leapt into the air and hissed "I am no house cat! I am the fearless panther!"

"Um Jess?" Indy said a hint of nervousness in his voice "The whip didn't frighten this Jungle Cat! Got any ideas?"

"I'm thinking I'm thinking!" Jessie said impatiently "Keep her busy!"

Indy circled the panther bravely and lashed his trusty whip a couple of times. The panther muttered threats to Indy and he bravely dodged her pounces.

"What do cats not like...? What do they hate... what are they afraid of... Dogs?... no that won't work... Other cats?... no that might get ugly... What could there possibl-- water... WATER!" Jessie yelled "Indy... catch!" she threw a water bottle to him and he squirted the black cat with H2O

The Panther screeched and ran off into the jungle, wailing. The two citizens stood there watching the crazed kitty. "Wow!" Jessie said "Wow!"

"That was quick thinking!" Indy complemented "Saved our lives that did!"

The friends entered the huge monkey shaped cave, cautiously, and tip toed their way down the tunnel. Suddenly an arrow shot out of a monkey head on the wall. "This place is booby trapped!" Indy and Jessie said in unison! "Watch where you tread" Indy warned

They walked into the cave's centre and encountered more traps. Indy had to use his whip to save Jessie's life from a pit of tarantulas and scorpions. "Thanks!" Jessie said completely out of breath. "Any more surprises?"

"YES!" Indy yelled and started running. Jessie turned around and saw a huge boulder rolling towards her. She screamed and followed Indy to a crack in the wall. "Phew. That was close!" Jessie sighed. "I know" Indy agreed. "Let's find the treasure!"

They came to a treasure room full of boxes and chests. "Wow" Jessie exclaimed "Someone lost their luggage!" Indy chuckled at his companion's joke and edged his way carefully around the trip wire on the floor. Jessie on the other hand walked straight into it. "Um... Help?" Jessie said tangled in the old wire.

Indy rolled his eyes and pulled out a knife to cut the wire. He helped Jessie up and dusted her down. "Follow me!" He ordered with a smile. "Or you'll run into worse than a trip wire!"

They slowly made their way to the centre of the room. Jessie got out her old skeleton key which The Chief had entrusted to her. The key fitted perfectly to the biggest chest and that held a small stone and a few old garments. Jessie then walked over to the pillar in the centre and pushed the stone into a hole on the side. The top opened up and a golden box appeared. "Could this take any longer?" Jessie moaned. She asked Indy to take the box. He used the sand bag to resemble the weight and quickly retrieved the box. Inside the box was a pink object. Jessie placed it on the floor and tapped the object curiously. It split open and a small pink monkey hopped out and started to climb up to the cave roof. "Follow that monkey!" Indy called Jessie and Indy climbed after the monkey.

The monkey led them to a tree house full of puzzle pieces. They had to make the puzzle to find out where the real treasure was hidden. They quickly got to work and after a few minutes they read the puzzle. "Go beyond the wall of water to find a treasure trove. But beware of the huge black hairy spider. Or else you'll never make it home." Jessie read "Sc-sc-scary!" she stuttered "I hate spiders!" she complained

The two friends trekked to the waterfall and ran through the gushing, powerful liquid. They walked through a hidden tunnel and kept a look out for arachnids. Luckily they came across none. They reached the centre of the cave and saw a huge chest of bronze they opened it carefully in case a spider lurked inside and found a mass of necklaces, earrings, bracelets and expensive looking clothes. Beneath all this was a mass of golden bear bill doubloons. Jessie picked up a garnet necklace and studied it carefully. "This necklace is amazing!" she commented "I love it!". Suddenly the cave started to crumble! Jessie and Indy grabbed a few artefacts and raced out. They came to a drop and the cave was pouring in behind them. "JUMP!" Indy yelled "WHAT?!?" Jessie screamed "This has to be a 50 ft drop at least!"
"Just jump!" Indy yelled and they both leapt off the edge of the waterfall.


"WE ARE GONNA LAND NOW!!!" Indy called back above the rushing air.

They went down, down further until the floor was in sight. ---SPLASH!--- They landed in a lake. Soaked, they swam to the edge and climbed out. Panting heavily they lay there for a few minutes staring at the sky.

"We made it!" Jessie gasped astonished at the ordeal. She took a few coins out of her bag and tossed them up and down a few times. "And we got the loot!" she joked.

"Lets go back" Indy reasoned.

Home again

A week later, Indy called up Jessie. "Hey Jess!" He greeted

"Hi!" Jessie replied

"Thanks for coming on that quest with me. You were a real help. Are you enjoying your reward?"

"Yep! Did the museum like the stuff?"

"Yeah they did! Hey Jess, I dropped off a gift at your place call me back when you open it"

"OK. See you soon"


She hung up. Back home was a small wrapped parcel on the door step. She picked it up and carried it inside. She unwrapped the shiny paper and her face lit up. Inside was the garnet necklace which she admired only a few days before! What a thoughtful gift! She went to collect her phone and thanked Indy for the wonderful gift. Then she put it on and went to have lunch with Sparkle, Stripes, Holly, Pawlette, Coco and Bearemy.

The end!!!


JessieLoveable18 Meets Indiana Buddy (NOTE) old story Lunapic1298552027997928
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JessieLoveable18 Meets Indiana Buddy (NOTE) old story Empty
PostSubject: Re: JessieLoveable18 Meets Indiana Buddy (NOTE) old story   JessieLoveable18 Meets Indiana Buddy (NOTE) old story EmptyJanuary 9th 2010, 8:16 am

That is such a good story!When I was reading it,that was the only thing I did lol!
Beary good job,Jessie!!!!
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JessieLoveable18 Meets Indiana Buddy (NOTE) old story Empty
PostSubject: Re: JessieLoveable18 Meets Indiana Buddy (NOTE) old story   JessieLoveable18 Meets Indiana Buddy (NOTE) old story EmptyJanuary 9th 2010, 12:36 pm

Good Job Jessie! Very Happy


JessieLoveable18 Meets Indiana Buddy (NOTE) old story Lucky
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JessieLoveable18 Meets Indiana Buddy (NOTE) old story Empty
PostSubject: Re: JessieLoveable18 Meets Indiana Buddy (NOTE) old story   JessieLoveable18 Meets Indiana Buddy (NOTE) old story Empty

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JessieLoveable18 Meets Indiana Buddy (NOTE) old story
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