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 How JL18 got into the PC

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How JL18 got into the PC Empty
PostSubject: How JL18 got into the PC   How JL18 got into the PC EmptyJanuary 6th 2010, 11:29 pm

Once upon a time... All the boring stories start with 'Once upon a time' hm... lets spice things up a little.

One Build-A-Bearville-type day, Jessica was playong on her computer, posting on the Bearville Guide Forums, having fun in Build-A-Bearville, and making up a new story. All of a sudden, a small white dot appeared in the center of the screen. The dot grew bigger and bigger until it spread out of the computer and into her room. Jessie squinted into the light. She could just about make out a figure. It looked like a giant teddy bear. It was a giant teddy bear. Wearing a hat and a top!?! "Could that be Bearemy?" She whispered to herself. She looked down at her hands, which had transformed into cartoon hands. "Where am I?" she wondered out loud "Why, your in Build-A-Bearville!" cheered Bearemy "Um OK" Jessie replied "I have got to be dreaming" she added under her breath. "Oh you are not dreaming, Jessie" Bearemy giggled. "Check your inventory for some Bear Bills" Jessie looked and found 1000 bb to spend.

Jessie asked Bearemy which way was the clothes shop and Bearemy called over a girl to take her on a tour. "Hi I'm ChloeRocks!" said the girl. After the tour, Jessie ran over to the "Pawlette Coufur Boutique and bought some new clothes with her 1000 bb. She bought a Blue Layered V-Neck Tee, Dark Blue Skinny Jeans and some Black High Tops. Then she went to the coffee shop to get a latte. She played some games and earned more bear bills so she bought a yellow straw tote. She met a girl called ChrissyAdorable who showed Jessie to her condo. "Oh! Gotta go!" Chrissy exclaimed "Bye Jessie!" she called. Jessie pulled out her paint brush and painted the exterior of her Cub Condo. After a few hours, Jessie's condo was finished. She had bought some nice furniture in the Bear Stuff store and decorated it inside out. Jessie then went out to the PAC and paid for a photo of her and Stripes to hang in her condo. A boy ran past her screaming "MAXINE IS IN THE SPORTSPLEX!!!" Jessie leapt to the side of the street only just avoiding him. 'Maxine?' Jessie thought, "Pawsome!"

She ran to the sportsplex and ran straight into a tall figure with golden fur. "Maxine!" Jessie whispered. "Sorry ma'am" Jessie apologized. "That's OK" Maxine said kindly. "You must be the new kid, Jessie?"
"Yeah!" Jessie gasped "How did you know?"
"I'm the CEB I know everything about citizens" Maxine laughed. "Here are some credits to spend at the Bearville Outfitters Store" Maxine handed Jessie 3 credits and Jessie ran to the BO store. She bought a golden dress and an easter egg outfit for Stripes which she dressed him in instantly, to Stripes disapproval. Jessie then went walk-about and came across the BNN. As she went in to a studio she ran into Chloe who had just finished her show. "Oh Hi Jessie! How are you finding Build-A-Bearville?"

"Its really nice!" Jessie replied politely. "Glad to hear it" Chloe smiled "Have you checked out the Beachfront homes yet?"

"No! How do i get there they sound interesting!" Jessie asked. Chloe told Jessie where to find them and Jessie set off on a jet ski to the nearest home. The sun was shining, the seagulls were smiling, but Stripes was not. "I DON'T WANT TO LOOK LIKE AN EGG, JESSIE!!!" he sobbed. Jessie laughed and picked him up.

They jet ski-d home and fell asleep in the bed. When Jessie woke up it was morning. She put on a new outfit which Maxine had left. Maxine left a note saying: Jessie, meet me on the roof of BVO in an hour Love Maxine x.

Jessie ran to the store and jumped on the trampoline. "Jessie!" Maxine called "Here!" she handed Jessie the key to a motor scooter. "THANK YOU!!" Jessie screamed and hugged Maxine. "Wow!"

Jessie hopped on the motor scooter as Maxine called over a photographer and they posed for a photo on their scooters. Here is the photo

How JL18 got into the PC Meandmaxine

Jessie partied on the roof with Maxine for another five hours then she went back to her condo for some food.

Little did she know that someone was watching her. He knew she was perfect.


Jessie partied on the roof with Maxine for another five hours then she went back to her condo for some food.


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How JL18 got into the PC
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