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 Interview withh the 1 and only....JESSIEE!

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BABV Username : Katepawfect
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PostSubject: Interview withh the 1 and only....JESSIEE!   March 30th 2010, 3:53 am

Mee = Blue
Jessie = orange

Why did you decide to create your own forum?
I don't know really, i always wanted to know what its like to be in charge, and i could mould it to my liking

Are you glad about how many kind,and caring members we have?
Very Smile i love to see how much this forum has grown, and in less than a year!

Whats it like being an admin?
It can be a challenge, you need to remember that you have to be fair, but you also want to have fun!

Whats your favourite thing to do on babv?
Probably shop! I love all the amazing outfits you can get!

What about babvss,were you excited about being an agent?
Totally Smile its part of my fun factor!

Are all the missions fun?

Yeah, but also a little scary, but i got Chief to look after me!

When your older,lets say 21,would you quit babvo,and babv?

Noooooooooo! I'll stay here til i'm 101! or longer!

What do you like to chat about most on the chat box?
Ooh that's a hard one! I like to talk about riddles, i like brain teasers you see, and new things on BABV, also TV shows, movies... anything i talk about with friends, well probably because you are friends!

Who is your favourite person in the whole wide world?
Do i have to answer? I have so many!!! but if i had to narrow it down... My mum and Dad... and my BFFs (i'm not gonna say who)

What do you like about BABVO best?
The way everyone gets along (most of the time) as well as the stories Smile i love reading

Who is your favourite singer?
currently... hmm... not really sure to be honest...

Who is your favourite actor/actress?
I like Eddie Murphy Smile and Tim Allen

Whats your favourite colour?

Whats your favourite music this week?
Not sure really... probably music from a camp i go to in the summer Smile

And finally,,DOO YOU LOVE OREOS?????
Yeah! Oreo Queen


26 August 2009 11:25:21 Exact time i joined BF!

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BABV Username : SonnySlowpoke
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PostSubject: Re: Interview withh the 1 and only....JESSIEE!   March 30th 2010, 3:58 am

Cool! I'm so glad Jess made BABO


Fri Nov 27, 2009 8:59 pm exact time I joined Bearville-family!
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BABV Username : brianbraveguy
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PostSubject: Re: Interview withh the 1 and only....JESSIEE!   March 30th 2010, 4:06 am

ahhah awesome!!! I learned a lot.
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PostSubject: Re: Interview withh the 1 and only....JESSIEE!   

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Interview withh the 1 and only....JESSIEE!
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