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 How it all began the FIRST EVER JL18 story (old JL18 story)

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PostSubject: How it all began the FIRST EVER JL18 story (old JL18 story)   January 6th 2010, 11:32 pm

How it all began...

Chapter 1: How a bad day becomes a good day

JessieLoveable18 was a pretty normal citizen; she was nice to her fellow citizens, she made sure she put her litter in the bins, she did good in school, and she had a normal daily routine, get up, get dressed, go to school, after school go to BABW as her job, go to the coffee shop with her best buddies, DaishaCocoa 2 and DaishaCocoa3 (who were twins) and chat about shopping, then go shopping at Pawlette's boutique, then she went home to her Cub Condo to relax, and sleep.

However, what she didn't know was that she had a very special talent. The Chief was watching her from a computer screen set up to follow her every move. This girl was perfect, and he knew it.

It was a typical day in the life of Jessie. She was late for school again!!!! If that wasn't enough, the twins were in their "we know everything" mood, and that meant trouble for Jessie.

After school, Champ, The bear associate was in a bad mood and that was bad news for Jessie.

When she went to meet her buddies, they weren't there so she was getting really annoyed. At their table was a man in a dark suit he called her over and asked her to sit down. He removed his dark shades to reveal crystal blue eyes. In a strong American accent he said "You are probably wondering where your friends are, aren’t you?" Jessie was amazed and a little scared at this persons knowledge. She answered, hiding the fact that she was uncomfortable, with
"As a matter of fact, I am!" The stranger's face creased in a smile as he replaced his shades on the bridge of his nose. "More about them later" he reached into his pocket and pulled out a badge
"The name's Sid, SidBear. Im from the B.A.B.V S.S. That's BuildABearville Secret Service."

"What's that got to do with me?" said Jessie in a cool as cucumber voice as her knees trembled under the table.

"The folks back at the HQ have been watching you, as you go to school, at your job, as you hang out" Jessie's face was pale with horror!!!!! "Don't worry your Condo isn't being monitored"

"Oh! Good! But what I still don't get is why I need to know this?"

"I honestly thought you'd catch on quicker than this. Oh well we can improve sharpness in training"

"Whoa! Training? What do you mean training?"

"Miss Loveable, your going to be a Secret Agent"

"Secret agent! COOL!" Jessie flung her arms up knocking Sid's hat off of his head

"Yes, 'cool' as you so bluntly put it" Sid said in an annoyed voice. "Now if you please..." he turned on his heel "...follow me!"

Chapter 2: meeting the team

"This way" said Sid as he led Jessie to the Libeary. He took out his badge and showed it to the Head Libearian. The Cheetah tipped his hat and said in a low voice "This way Chief"

They went through the corridor, which the Cheetah had so cleverly guarded, and entered a high-tech room "Miss Loveable, Welcome to HQ"

"Wow! Wow! WOW!!!!!!" yelled Jessie overwhelmed at the size of the place. It was like a tree house. But it couldn't be. They were inside. A few scientists in white coats bustled around carrying boxes of mechanical objects. One of the scientists came over with a clothes rack and various dark clothes.

"Hello!" he or she said in a cheerful voice "I'm CadeScience2!" Cade tipped his... erm her... it's head and mumbled "Hi Chief"

Sid stepped forwards and took a jacket off of the rack. He examined it and passed it to Jessie.

"This will be your uniform" he muttered passing her the various other items on the rack and with a wave of his hand he sent Cade away again. "The changing rooms are that way. If you get lost just ask one of the scientists."

"Erm... OK" said Jessie unsure

The Chief sat down looking very pleased with himself. He slipped into a dosy nap as he dreamed about his success and how amazing he feels his plan will be.

"So? How do I look?" Jessie questioned one of the passing scientists. "OK?"

"You look fantastic!" said the scientist politely

"Aww Thankyou!" said Jessie "I appreciate it, I really do!" she wore a dark jacket and black pants with some converse sneakers and a black cat hat along with the same dark shades The Chief had used to accesorize his suit. She took out her mobile phone and snapped a pic.

Chapter 3: a close inspection

As she entered the dark office of The Chief, Jessie heard soft snoring. She giggled to herself as she tip toed across the room to where the young man lay asleep with a newspaper draped over his chest. She inspected his face carefully as she had been unable to previously. She noticed a slight scar in the top right hand of his almost perfect face. "I wonder where that is from" she whispered to herself. She jumped back as the sleeping figure stirred. Jessie tip toed quickly out and acted as if she hadn't been in the office at all.

"Wha!!!" The Chief shot up from his daze. Someone was outside. He called them in, straightening his white tie. "Oh It's only you" He said relieved that none of his scientists would spot him in this state. "Wow, you look..."

"Yeah?" Jessie said pressing for a complement
"...ehem, good" well she nearly got one from him. The clock on the wall ticked. A minute passed. And another. And another.

"Ok" Sid reached for a phone why did he always get into awkward situations where there is always an awkward silence. "Bring in the gadgets"

"Gadgets?! GADGETS?! COOL!!!!!! You never mentioned gadgets!" exclaimed Jessie.

"I didn't? Oh. It appears i left out one of the best bits" Sid said in an unusually jokey voice. He flicked open the brief case that Cade had brought in and the locks clicked in suspense. He raised the lid slowly determined to get his newest in fact only agent to get more and more impatient.

"Get on with it!!" Jessie said tapping her foot impatiently. "I haven't got all day!"

The Chief turned the case around and raised his eyebrows.

"...." Jessie was lost for words. She had never ever seen such high tech gadgets before. And they were shiny!!!!

Chapter 4: the first mission

About an hour later Jessie realised that her friends were still missing! She rushed to The Chief who was busy doing a sudoku in the local paper. lol! "Mr Chief dude guy sir!" Jessie yelled as she skidded to a halt in the rug in Sid's office and sat down with a bump. "OUCH!" Jessie exclaimed as she tried to get up. "Are you alright" the Chief said as he jumped out of his chair. "Yeah it was just a slip" Jessie laughed. Her eyes lit up as she realised he cared about whether she hurt herself. She took his hand which was held out to her to assist her in getting up. "Thanks" she said

"Now then... What?" The Chief had noticed Jessie looking at him with a pondering face. "Hmm... Oh! Nothing. You were saying???"

"Yeah Erm What made you rush in to my office in such a hurry??? Must have been important"

Jessie thought for a moment then "Oh yeah. My friends where are they???"

The Chief looked puzzled but only for an instant. Then he slapped his forehead "ARRRRGGGHHH" he groaned "I totally forgot. They are at the top secret coffee shop."

-Ring ring- the phone rang The Chief pounced on it "Hello Chief of BABV SS who is speaking please?"

"Mwa ha ha ha" laughed an evil voice over the phone

"Thea Nifty Bear" the Chief said angrily "And what trouble have you been causing then?"

"Pass the phone to the new agent, Sid!" Thea sneered

"Here" said the Chief covering the mouthpiece "But be careful Thea Nifty Bear is a mean piece of work"

"Hello? Jessie Loveable here" Jessie said worried

"Listen here and listen well! If you ever want to see your friends again i suggest you accept my offer." Thea spat

Jessie gulped "what's your offer ma'am?"

"Don’t be smart with me kid or your friends will pay. Meet me at the entrance to Build a Bear-ville at 10 pm tonight, ALONE. Don’t bring your precious chief with you."

"Hey! He's not my precious chi... ehem why must i meet you." Jessie said through gritted teeth

"For a duel! I must destroy you before you destroy me! Mwa ha ha ha"


"She hung up" Jessie said looking worried

"If its a duel she wants then its a duel she'll get! Come on Jess, you need gadgets"

"Net shooter, Here" The chief handed Jessie a long cylindrical contraption "A skeleton key just incase you need to free your friends" He handed her a shiny metal key "Scissors nothing special just incase there is rope" he handed her a small case in which was a pair of small blue scissors. "Ha ha, rope!" he said handing her a shiny green long rope, which seemed alive as it 'magically' tied Jessie up in a hopelessly ridiculous tangle. "A laser watch which forms a laser bar where it hits
if shot in a circle shape it makes a cage of lasers clever huh?" Sid handed a watch over. "Erm Chief?" Jessie said "What? Oh." Jessie was totally helpless wrapped up in the rope "Help?"

The chief couldn't help but laugh "Ha ha your in a bit of a tangle there aren't you" He reached over to help her and tripped over the crumpled up rug which Jessie had previously mistaken for a flying carpet. "whoaaaa!!!" He started to fall. Jessie was struggling to get herself free when

--Thud-- Jessie and the Chief both fell over like dominoes
"Ouch!" Jessie said "Hey are you ok?"

"Yeah im fine luckily i had a softer landing. Here let me help with that rope"

As they were about to walk down to the Entrance, CadeScience2 Raced up to the Chief and Jessie yelling "WAIT! WAIT!" She arrived completely out of breath and was panting heavily "The... hat... I... Made a... replica... of the... chief's" she said with her hands on her knees. "Ehem... Here its for Jessie"

She handed a hat just like Sid's to Jessie and she passed it to the chief. Jessie removed her beloved Cat Hat and the Chief placed the new hat gently on her head

"Here i'll take that" said Cade taking the Cat hat off Jessie and putting it into a satchel. "Now off you go. Oh and Chief!"


"Fleur is there"

The Chief's face grinned "Good Old Fleur"

The Chief took Jessie to a pole which he asked her to slide down "I'll be straight down after you it's ok" Jessie took hold of the pole and jumped. "Whoooooooaaaaa!!!" Jessie yelled as she whooshed down. She landed and shouted up to Sid "OK I'm down"

The next minute He was whoosing down beside her and he grabbed her arm and pulled her half walking half running over to a tree. "Look there is Fleur" The Chief took out a whistle and blew it. Fleur glanced around and sneeked over to the tree. "Fleur this is Jessie, Jessie..." He turned to the smiling girl "This is Fleur, she's an old friend"

"Nice to finally meet you Jessie!" Fleur whispered cheerfully. "Chief!" she said to Sid more serious "Thea's gettin' more nastier by the minute. I'll take care of Jessie. Go!" The Chief nodded his head and darted off to the HQ entrance.

"Hi Jessie!" Fleur said warmly "I'm Fleur I'm here to assist you in getting your friends back"

"Great!!!" Jessie paused "But Thea said i gotta be alone"

"I know but she meant alone from other agents like the Chief but I'm not an agent. However i am highly trained in the means of duels we have a quater of an hour to practice lets go"

Fleur taught Jessie how to dodge, when to attack, how to sneek silently how to run quickly without being too tired and how to hide in the most open of areas.

"Erm Fleur..."


"Who exactly is TheaNiftyBear?"

"Ah! TheaNiftyBear is one of Sid's arch enemies. She is wanted by the police for unfair trading and bad language. She violated all of the Build-a-Bearville rules so she got bannished from buildabearville completely she lurks in an area the BABV SS have identified as Slimy Swamp. Trust me she is bad."

Chapter 5: The final battle

"Mwa ha ha ha h--- *cough cough* Oh scrap the laugh it gets on my nerves"

"She's here!" said Fleur "And she brought a friend!" LeonieCocoa walked behind thea smiling "Are you ready for the hardest moment of your life ever?"

Jessie gulped "I think so heh heh" then she whispered "HELP!"

"Here is your reward look at it! Before you are finished Ha Ha Ha!" thea ponted to The twins menacingly

"You big mean bully!" Fleur said angrily

"She used to bully me in school" She said to Jessie

"Erm... I'm worried"

"You'll be fine dont worry"

"Yeah sure" Jessie said sarcastically

"I cant even stick up for myself in school let alone against a bad guy!" she said under her breath

"Well Jessie" she said to herself "Goodbye I'll miss you!"

Thea began to walk towards Jessie and Fleur. She really looked scary. She had a black dress on and green ski goggles and in her hand she held her weapon...
...a garden rake!!! Thea took a swipe at them with her rake. Jessie and Fleur leapt over it. Fleur grabbed a fallen branch and hurled it at Thea. She deflected it with her rake. Fleur was shocked. How had she done that? Jessie remembered her gadgets... net shooter!!! She asked Fleur to distract Thea. She rumaged in her backpack for the net shooter. Thea was distracted but not for long. She raised her rake and it turned into a powerful laser. One hit with that and... well this is a kid friendly site so its up to you imaginations. Thea aimed at Jessie and shot. "JESS!" Fleur screamed Jessie dived out of the way just in time. "Phew!" she said.

Jessie said to Fleur "I can't get it out! Get rid of the side kick!"

Fleur reached for her backpack and pulled out a tie dye tee and pulled it on over her shirt. "Go!" she yelled and the pattern in the vortex of the tee swirled and threw Leonie off her feet back to slimy swamp. But thea wasn't faulted she had come for Jessie and if it was Jessie she wanted it was Jessie she would get

Thea threw her rake at fleur and it knocked her out "FLEUR!" Jessie Screamed
Thea went to retrieve her rake and Jessie ran ahead of her Jessie snatched the rake and used it to lure thea away from fleur.

"Come over here you coward!" Jessie shouted "Never!" thea returned "I will silence you!"

"Why do you want to do this to me?" Jessie said confused at why thea hated her so.

"I was always jealous of sid when i found out about you i wanted to crush his hopes"

"So your gonna crush me!?!"

"Your smart!" Thea said surprised

"But why me? I'm not that important to the chief!"

"Oh yeah! Are you sure?" Thea teased

"I think... what do you mean?"

"Ha ha ha! You are his most special agent! He would be so upset if you were crushed" Thea bawled

"Oh no you don’t!!!" Jessie spun the rake around and ran at thea "I’m not getting crushed today!" thump! Jessie pushed Thea over. "But your plans are?" Jessie took out her phone and called Cade “You guys best come over here"


"We have a lesson to be taught"

Back at base everyone cheered JessieLoveable had done it she had shown thea who was boss and taught the bully to stay away.

The team all raced out and tied thea up. "Bye!" Jessie said with a smile.

Thea was banished to slimey swamp and Leonie was taken to the Jr. CyberGuide HQ to be taught her lesson and to learn to treat others how she wants to be treated.

---Chapter 6: The morning after---

"Jessie!" Champ yelled "You're late again!"

"Sorry sir!" Jessie said as she rushed to her station

A group of people in dark clothes walked in with shades and began to took around the store. Champ caught Jessie's attention and motioned her to go over and assist them.

"Um... can i help you?" Jessie said nervously

"Yes" a disguised voice murmered

"Um... How?"

"If you please..." the man turned on his heel "...follow me!"

The man led Jessie to the Bear University and then tied cloth around her eyes. He led her inside and paused a moment then continued.

Jessie felt she trusted this familiar voice. It reminded her of someone. The man removed the cloth from her eyes and Jessie took in her view.

"SURPRISE!" Everyone cheered "HIP HIP HOORAY!"

"What is all this?"

"It's a pawty!" Fleur stepped forward "For you! You sent Thea packing you won!" Fleur tackled Jessie in a HUGE hug.

"Thanks guys but who..."

The man stepped forward and removed his shades

"Surprise" He smiled

"CHIEF!" Jessie was shocked "I totally didn't recognise you!"

"Well what do you expect? I'm a secret agent!"

"Oh guys this is the best day ever!"


"Hello? Jessie its for you"

"Hi?..." Jessie listened

she hung up

"Here we go again!"

The End


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PostSubject: Re: How it all began the FIRST EVER JL18 story (old JL18 story)   January 9th 2010, 12:14 pm

Great Story! Very Happy


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PostSubject: Re: How it all began the FIRST EVER JL18 story (old JL18 story)   January 25th 2010, 9:01 am

*cheers with hands in air*
This is great!I love it I love it!!!Furtastic!
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PostSubject: Re: How it all began the FIRST EVER JL18 story (old JL18 story)   January 26th 2010, 2:08 am

Great job Jessie! You're great at writing Smile
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PostSubject: Re: How it all began the FIRST EVER JL18 story (old JL18 story)   January 26th 2010, 3:38 am

er... thanks


Here is the name of my best friend... Guest... yes that's YOU! Don't know me? I gave you a 0th Birthday Present... Cost me $0!! Hey! You have that many posts! How Coincidental! 14 March 2008 19:54 the exact time i joined BABV!
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PostSubject: Re: How it all began the FIRST EVER JL18 story (old JL18 story)   March 3rd 2010, 7:51 am

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PostSubject: Re: How it all began the FIRST EVER JL18 story (old JL18 story)   March 3rd 2010, 10:08 am

Awesome! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: How it all began the FIRST EVER JL18 story (old JL18 story)   March 3rd 2010, 1:19 pm

Brilliant! Clap


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PostSubject: Re: How it all began the FIRST EVER JL18 story (old JL18 story)   

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How it all began the FIRST EVER JL18 story (old JL18 story)
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