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 <dMB< Blog/Story place XD

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PostSubject: <dMB< Blog/Story place XD   March 8th 2011, 7:27 am

Before i paste my whole story I just wanna let u guys know: If they pictures do come up Sorry Jessie and Julia! I had to Improvise XD But i Highly doubt the Pics will come up Oh well XD
Story number 1 LOL XD

The Shadows.
Hi im well… me and this is my Story.
One day at 2:30 on sunshine I was reading a book at the coffee shop when Alfie came into the shop. I looked up. I had never seen someone with those deep brown eyes they looked ….
Very soothing like they where for the last 10 years… Then I only woke up from her trance when Alfie asked if he could sit with me. Suddenly I realized he must have thought I was looking at him adoringly. “Sure!” I said before I realized I said it. Before anything else happened I found her self walking out of the coffee shop with my book. I suddenly knew where she was going. I was going to the Willow tree. Of all the places my legs could of choose they had to chose this place. The exact place I’d had seen him… The Shadow.
I’d had no idea who he was at the time; apart from he was no one I knew. At First I had thought he was scary. Until she met the real him. And his family of corse. Jessie, Julia, Evan and the rest of the gang. Then I heard some twig crack. I realized I wasn’t alone. I hoped it wasn’t him. And it wasn’t. It was Alfie. Alfie had followed me to the most dangerous place in Bearville. The old Willow Tree. The place… No NO! I am not going to think about it! Of all the things I could think of, socks, cheese, Aunty Rachel I am NOT thinking of that! Anyway, I didn’t realize the way Alfie was staring at me until I snapped back into earth. He was looking at me like he wanted to eat me. Literally. Like a dog would wanna eat his bone. Or a very hungry person had just seen a sausage and wanted to eat it really badly but had to wait. Before I knew anything he had morphed into a lion. Not the nice kind. The nasty kind. “Well 2 can play at that game!” I shouted sounding braver then I really felt. I morphed into a panther. The blackness of the fur helped me a lot. Considering it was night. I guess I used to think shape shifting would never help me. But as I got a little older it turned out quiet handy. Suddenly Alfie was on the floor and he was on top of Alfie. I Blinked. He blinked back. Alfie stared at us both. I slinked into the darkness. I knew in all body I couldn’t watch this part. But suddenly I herd a laugh behind me. It was Alfie. I backed into the willow tree’s clearing. I saw him on the floor. Bleeding. I was shocked. I have never seen anyone defeat him. Considering he was immortal. I stared at Alfie. I knew he had only been in this city for roughly 10 years and he had killed someone. That can’t be good for his reputation. It seemed like he could read my thoughts “No it won’t. Epically as there will be no one around to tell them about it.” So this was it? Of all the years of my life I didn’t think I was gonna die until I was old and wrinkly. So here I am. Being threatened to die by an angry lion. An Angry lion who used to be my friend… one who knew my weakness. So I was gonna die. Killed by a lion that used to be my best friend. I was gonna die with him. Most likely in Kurt’s arms. Oh my gosh! I said his name. It clears my mind his name…
Before anything else I had a huge line on my forehead. I was bleeding. I stared at Alfie. All of a sudden I was conked and flopped on the floor. I was officially knocked out. And hopefully wasn’t gonna wake up with Alfie in my face.
2 Weeks later… I woke up. Guess who was in my face? Yup. Alfie. He hadn’t changed. He was still angry. I could tell if I said anything and I mean anything like can I have a glass of milk he would punch me. My mind wondered where Kurt was. All this light wouldn’t be good for him. A must have morphed into a human again when I got conked. My Black hair was spread out on my pillow. I didn’t like this hospital. It was too bright. When Alfie left for some water I leaped outta bed and changed and went on my quest to find Kurt. I asked about. No one had herd of him. So I explored the hospital. In a nurse outfit. I had pinched one by accident. After all how else would I find Kurt? One of the Nurses thought I was a real nurse and she was looking after my Kurt! So I took over her shift. I stared at Kurt. He wasn’t awake yet and his parents where not gonna be happy with him when he was. Quickly I nipped into the loo changed outta the outfit and went back to Kurt’s bed. His eyes Snapped open. His eyes literally lit up when he saw me. I had a huge line of stitches on my forehead where Alfie had slashed me. Suddenly alarm bells went off. Ah. So Alfie had got back and found me not there. Kurt seemed to know about that. Before I could blink I was on Kurt’s back and at an old Cottage. When my brain worked again I had realized where we where. Kurt’s cottage. Still the same as it was when I got here. Apart from the addition of my sleeping bag. When I looked at him and pointed at my Sleeping bag Kurt looked sheepish. All of a sudden I was flashing back to when it all started. I warn you now this is gonna take some time.
10 years ago I didn’t know Kurt. Or his Family. Or about the Willow tree. Or Kurt’s cottage. Or Alfie for that matter. He came in a bit later.
10 years ago after school I was wondering around Bearville. I had suddenly got lost and was in a clearing. I knew I had my shape shifting powers so I shifted into a rabbit. After all it was natural. Suddenly I had Kurt on me at the time though I didn’t know he was Kurt. Then because I was so scared I had morphed into my human form again. I was shaking so much I fainted. When I woke up I was in a house. Kurt’s family’s house. They where very nice to me. When I finally opened my eyes I had Esme in my face. Then I discovered Esme was Kurt’s mom. She was very nice. She didn’t err… she wasn’t gonna be hushed that easily lets put it that way. So when she was finally quiet I had learnt about the rest of the family, Emmet, Sophie, Jessie, Julia, Evan, Jasper, Alice, Kurt and their dad, Aalik. A few hours they let me go home. But Kurt had to come with me. I knew my mum would be suspicious but she wasn’t for a change. After that Alfie moved into town. Since then me Kurt and Alfie have been friend (apart from Kurt and Alfie. They where enemies and I will explain why) A few years later Alfie had asked me out. But before that Kurt had. And I said yes to Kurt because after all he was very nice. When Alfie found out he had tried to kill Kurt or me Several times. I think he tried to kill Kurt so then he could kill me or Kill me first so he could kill Kurt but either way it never worked. And then I ended up where I am now. 10 years later at Kurt’s Cottage. Okay well anyway back to me having a flash back.
I only woke up from my flash back when there was a fist suddenly came threw the cottage door. I looked at the back of Kurt’s head. I didn’t realize I was on Kurt’s back again. See how fast he moves? Okay if you don’t its fast then my brain has time to register it. As I was staring at the back of Kurt’s hair I had noticed it was growing slightly lighter. It used to be jet black like mine and it was turning a lightish brown. But it was still black. Ish. All of a sudden Alice and Jasper where next to me. Alice and Jasper nodded a hello at me and looked at Kurt. I figured Kurt was telling them what was happening to them threw their minds. All of a sudden Alice was a Zebra, Jasper was a falcon, I was a panther on the floor and Kurt was a snarling leopard. All of a sudden there where about 10 angry lions in the room. Then the whole of Kurt’s family where here in various animal types. Then I think the lions multiplied by about 100. Then Kurt’s family where fighting the lions. I slinked into the darkness of the cottage and jumped onto the rooftop. I could hear my paws thudding quietly on the roof top. Not quietly enough apparently. All of a sudden I saw Alfie-lion in front of me. I had enough will-power in me to kill him. But he and I knew I could never kill a friend. But Alfie on the other hand could most likely could. Suddenly I herd growling from behind me. I thought it was Kurt. I turned around but it wasn’t. It was another lion. Where was Kurt? Jasper appeared on my shoulder. He whispered something in my ear. It turned out apart from me and Jasper Kurt’s family where going to hospital. They manged to kill the other lions but they suffered bag injuries as well. Another trip to the hospital then. Then I saw another paw in my face. There goes my stitches, another new set how fantastic. Then the lion behind me hit the floor. Alfie looked pale. Then Alfie fell to the floor. Then Jasper did the same. I knew what was happening. The Key of The Shapes had been turned. All the Shape Shifters where powered down. Why would Ca’apt do that? But then, I was going down. Down. Down. And then Just as my head thudded to the floor… Kurt was right in front of me. But I was going... Going into the happy place…
Pfft. I Wish. Happy place? More like the Painful happy place. And it wasn’t even happy. It was very painful. And it’s called… Hospital. Of all the places I think hospital is most likely the worst. Actually it IS the WORST place EVER.
Then all the gangs’ pictures flashed into my mind. All the ones on their mantle piece and a newly additional me. Their pictures with their names.
One by One.


Kurt’s mom. (Esme)
Me (old)


Jessica (Jessie)

And then I woke up. I never got round to the last photos on the mantle piece. What a shame. I stared at the face in front of me. It was Kurt. His hair was defiantly growing lighter. I looked about. Then I looked puzzled. I wasn’t at a hospital. Then I saw my sleeping bag. Ah. I was at Kurt’s Cottage. Then I suddenly rembered everything. And that was when I got really angry.
Kurt wisely moved out of my way.
He knew what I was gonna do.
Or gonna try.
Then Ca’apt appeared in front of us.
He looked very surprised.
And then Angry.
Yep defiantly angry.

Chapter 2,

They say new beginnings begin.
Maybe not so much with Ca’apt.
The last time we saw each other was in a different dimension.
Staring in Ca’apt eyes wasn’t a nice sight, you could tell he was angry with all of us. Me mostly. I looked around and realized everyone had vanished.
I looked at Ca’apt eyes again.
They where red.
Not a nice kind.
Then it hit me, I was gonna have to take the test again.
It took me 7 weeks to do that test!
I knew this was gonna happen.
I herd a low rumble from behind me.
I turned around.
There was a very angry bull in front of me.
Why did I have to wear red?! WHY?!
Suddenly I was a bat.
Hmm. That’s really not gonna help me.
While I was flying I suddenly thought of this really random joke:
I was driving home from a Chinese takeaway and I herd the bag rustle so I looked back and saw a pair of eyes looking at me, then they disappeared. I was so shocked I nearly crashed; when I looked again I saw the eyes. I ran back to the shop and said WHAT ON PINAPPLES NAME IS THIS?! And he said “You no worry! It peeping duck!”
At that moment I herd a ROAR and realized the bull wasn’t a bull anymore. It was more or less another version of Alfie. It hit me then and there HE WAS TRACKING ME! Ofcorse! Duuhhh! Ca’apt would never get angry with me! OMG!! HE IS A CLONE OF CA’APT!!! Then I got angry. Like really angry. Like, like, like, A VOLCANO!! A VERY ANGRY VOLCANO!! I morphed into a panther and sliced (rather nastily) Alfie and the other Alfie’s head.
Then I hit the floor.
Why would Ca’apt (The real one) turn the key!? He knew the consequences! There goes another bit of my brain… floating threw the air…

CHAPTER 3 ( I think XD)

This is a lovely place.
Surrounded by Pig ninjas. pig pig pig
Oinky Oink.
Well, pigs dressed up as ninjas.
Perfectly normal in my upside down world i guess.
Huh? Have i gone insane? Or does that Pig look like Kurt.
I got to everyone in pig form except Evan and Jessie.
Hmm Where were they?
Most likely some where nice and sunny.
Hopefully a tropical beach.
Lucky them.
Suddenly i had a pigs snout in my face.
Atleast i THINK its pigs drool.
Suddenly the pigs where no longer pigs.
affraid confused
It shows what being a shape shifter does to you.
It makes you.
Lose your MIND.
Strangely enough i felt very very tired.
Hardly surprising since i havent slept since like forever.

CHAPTER 4 ( I was about to write 44 XD)
Well you could say it was 2 weeks later. Errr. I think.
Cuz as soon as i woke up i woke up to the sound of The Midnight Beast with their song which i cant rember the title of..
DUUH it just hit me.
A) I was in Sophies Room.
B) It was the Day of my video exsam.
I got outta bed and went to find Sophie.
After all she was in my set/ lessons and all...

2 hours later...

It turns out after wandering around kurts massive house (which im sure i knew my way-around) I found sophie with everyone eles looking surprized at which i was up. Anyway. I turned out we did a video togeather. I never rembered it but what do you exspect when you got knocked out for 2 weeks and 4 hours and 23-24 seconds/mins! I know how sad am i. I counted. Well. Alice did. Cuz she got "Bored". Yeah right.
So anyway. All of Kurts family (and me) where going on holiday (and mom and dad where fine with it for once XD) To the Isle Of Skye. YAY!!

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S.I.C./Keyblade Master

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PostSubject: Re: <dMB< Blog/Story place XD   March 8th 2011, 9:47 am

Wow that's a cool Story! Smile


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PostSubject: Re: <dMB< Blog/Story place XD   March 8th 2011, 12:46 pm

I like that name a lot. Kurt! ^_^ kewl story you have here! Very Happy keep it up!
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Fun Bear

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PostSubject: Re: <dMB< Blog/Story place XD   March 12th 2011, 8:04 am

Great Blog! [:
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PostSubject: Re: <dMB< Blog/Story place XD   March 14th 2011, 4:43 am

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BABV Username : rebeccazebra83
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PostSubject: Re: <dMB< Blog/Story place XD   March 15th 2011, 5:20 am

Double updated XD
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BABV Username : rebeccazebra83
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PostSubject: Re: <dMB< Blog/Story place XD   March 15th 2011, 7:22 am

Becuase it wont let me do a poll (BOO!!)
What should i do next?
A Talking cat,
A new world,
A new person.
Please help me guys!
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BABV Username : rebeccazebra83
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PostSubject: Re: <dMB< Blog/Story place XD   March 16th 2011, 6:37 am

Me decided (with help of nobodys heart) NINJA PIGGYS!! XD
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PostSubject: Re: <dMB< Blog/Story place XD   

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<dMB< Blog/Story place XD
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