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 Wanted: Either Bow Flats or Bunny glasses.

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BABV Username : rebeccazebra83
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PostSubject: Wanted: Either Bow Flats or Bunny glasses.   February 23rd 2011, 11:12 pm

Whoa! I know thats like alot for me to ask for knowing they are both quiet rare but ill trade litterly anything for them. Ill post all of my inventory but i dont think that much will do for either.
My Inventory includes:
Maxine bear head slippers,
Cosy Slippers,
Bright pink Glitter heal shoes,
White layer'd skirt,
black cowboy boots,
heart t-shirt,
Cybear guide letterman jacket,
Black Smocked dress set,
Turntable Tee,
Palid Elf Girl set,
Candy Shoes,
Rainbow striped gloves,
3 tee,
White Cybear gloves,
Blue fur Hoodie,
Heart bikini set in blue and white,
Necklace dress set,
Clarice Jacket and Bow,
Blue Striped top,
Blue and White floral dress,
Red Dress and shoes,
Greenish Boots and Dress set,
Black Winter hoodie,
Fur heeled boots,
PSI: Winter snowflake boots and jacket,
Saftey net top, hat,sign and glasses,
black heels,
Black Tie top,
Black pleated skirt,
Normal black skirt,
Black whitch Dress set,
Black Ballirenia outfit,
Orange Which set,
Black and read heart tie dye,
Dark Purple satin heart outfit,
Dark purple fur boots,
Laces sneakers,
Teddy bear Tee,
Black slip on heart shoes,
Dark purple zebra tee,
Black and Gold Zebra set,
White n Black vest Tee,
Black slip on shoes,
Black Pesant top,
Palid Bow top and leggings,
Black and white 1 flower dress,
black BABV hoodie,
Its my birthday Tee,
Safey vest,
Black Wedge heels,
plain black top,
black and gray striped hoodie,
Black gloves,
Blue Gloves,
Brown Cowboy boots,
Bubble gum tee,
I <3 NY Tee,
White Red and Blue tie dye dress,
Footie boots,
Black and White Canavis trainers,
Dark Blue boys palid shirt,
Bearmy tee,
Blue and White Polka dot dress,
Bright Pink silk dress with necklace and bag,
VIB Tee,
Blue and White striped tee,
Black Flip Flops,
Black and White shorts,
White Rocking set,
Zebra set,
Bleu Heart Flats,
Black and Gray long Top,
Flower Hoodie,
Black and white sweater boots,
Cybear hoodie,
Black ripped jeans,
White Boots,
Blue Shorts,
Dragon blue outfit,
white tube top,
Blue wedge heels,
cheerleader outfit,
blue sparkle skirt,
Ice cream cub top,
Bright pink palid top,
Black Demin leggings,
Bleu flimingo top,
Floral bikini set,
Pawlett tee,
Blue heels,
Turquoise striped hoodie,
Champ Jeans,
Basketball jursy,

I have many more and thouse are only explaining what i see becuase im not gonna go thew my whole inventory getting the prober names lol,
Blue suitcase,
Fuzzy hat (with and without heart)
Irish hat,
Irish outfit hat (and outfit)
Panda hat,
Purple necklace,
Cybear guide deedlybobers,
Cybear guide winter hat,
Football hat,
Guitair from Cody Simpson,
Heart guitair,
Bubble wizard hat,,
ladybug hat,
beary wood, blue hat with bow,
bearywood blue cluch bag,
Doctors bag,
Black cap,
2011 sash,
Elf girl set bow,
Pink cap,
Orange and red sleeping cap,
cybear guide football and helmate,
camo hat,
snowman shopping bag,
elf ears,
bearywood blue hat,
Clarice bow,
Blue dimond necklace,
Blue triangle necklace,
leaf deedlybobers,
Snowhugs hat,
pearl necklace,
Black with light pink bow hat,
Black floral hobo purse,
Elf ears headband,
Black which hat,
orang which hat,
Trick or Treat bag,
69' Messanger bag in Blue or Dark purple,
Chococat outfit with hat,
Greentracks worrior outfit with hat ect,
Vamp cape,
Black berat floppy,
Blue lunchbox,
Red lunchbox,
Black and white cap,
Dark Purple BABV Shop bag,
And im not gonna list anymore lol.

The more stars the more it want it lol:
Flower embroded top **
Bunny glasses******
Bow Flats*****
Roller Skates***
And err thats about it lol
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Wanted: Either Bow Flats or Bunny glasses.
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